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Author: Mary Dorsey

Website Up and Running!!

Thank you for visiting our website!  Hopefully you will find the new format easier to navigate and information easily available.  Please let us know what you think!  We have a lot of new things happening here at Technique and would love to have you check us out!

Technique in the Community

We are proud to be participating in community events this summer!  Come check us out and join in on the fun!


July, 2018 – Rathdrum Days Parade

July, 2018 – Hayden Days Parade and performance at the main stage in Hayden City Park immediately following the parade.

August, 2018 – Athol Daze Parade and performance at the main stage immediately following the parade

August, 2018 – North Idaho Fair and Rodeo performance (location to be announced)


More information can be found on our Parade Group page or by calling us at 208-772-0179 for more details.